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News & Events

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Stewards Scribblings - March 2023

Situations Vacant

It's that time of year again when we look to the future and start to plan ahead. At the Annual Church Meeting in April (18th to be exact), we will be appointing church stewards to serve for the next year. Stewards are appointed annually and can only serve for up to six years. Both Judy and I will be standing down as we have served six years and we are anxious to appoint at least two more stewards to join Chris, David and Sarah. It is very much a team effort and everyone works together to serve our minister and the church and circuit. It is not an onerous job, it fact, it is most enjoyable. Hopefully there will be no world pandemic to force any closures! One of the worst jobs was having to put up the ‘Closed’ notices on the doors!

Do please think very thoughtfully if you could consider taking on the role of a steward. Any of the current stewards would be delighted to let you know what is involved and to have you 'shadow' them for a morning. Whilst thinking about that please note that there are always other roles that need to be filled within the church family. We need more folk to count the collection after the Sunday service; more volunteers to make and serve the refreshments are always welcome, as are friends donating flowers for display on a Sunday morning. There are quite a few folk already doing more than one job to ensure that everything is covered. Maybe you could help spread the load a little!!?? In his sermon a few weeks ago David referred to the Covenant service in which we pledge to serve using the traditional words

‘I am no longer my own but yours.
Your will, not mine, be done in all things,
wherever you may place me, in all that I do and in all that I may endure;
When there is work for me and when there is none.’

Do please think very seriously if there might be a role for you.

Many thanks for all your support, Jill

Jill Read, Senior Steward

Money & Property Matters – and Barry’s Babblings
March 2023

This year we are celebrating the 116th Anniversary of our Church which was dedicated and opened on 20th March 1907. The cost of the building was £1,588 and was opened with a debt of £968 and this was finally cleared in 1914. The Father Willis organ was installed in 1945 and came from a large country house that was being demolished. The main hall etc followed and was opened on 24th May 1939.

If you would like to know more there are copies of the church history in the vestibule. The history was updated in 2017 by Jill Read and George Bunker. We therefore have much to celebrate.

Recently, it was lovely to welcome two new members to the Christchurch family – Nigel and Sheila. Others may be considering such a move and do please have a word with the Minister or a steward who would be delighted to tell you more.

You will find a Gift Day envelope attached in this Messenger and if you feel able to help this would be much appreciated. There will be a Gift Day Coffee Morning on Saturday 4th March from 10 - 11.30am when you are invited to call in with your gift and have a chat over coffee. Our celebration anniversary service will be on Sunday 5th March at 10.30am conducted by our own Minister, the Rev Crawford Logan. Do come!!

On behalf of the church may I thank you all for your support of the work and witness of our church. This covers both the financial support and all the practical help that is freely given to keep the property in good shape.

As you read this edition, we will have entered the season of Lent – sadly I am not too good at giving things up for Lent but I will try! The 4th Sunday in Lent will be Mothering Sunday and we hope to share flowers with all the ladies in church. We gents will have to wait a little while for Father’s Day when, possibly, we may receive some chocolate!!

Thank you for your understanding where our fuel is concerned. There is a balance between being hot and cold and we do our best. Our fuel contract ends on the 31st March and then a new contract will be agreed – sadly at a much higher price. We are grateful to Clive who looks after the day to day heating needs. Summer time begins on 26th March so we should all be able to enjoy warmer weather.

I recently conducted a funeral thanksgiving service, and the daughter gave a Tribute about her Mum and Dad. One sentence I found very profound ‘…..they didn’t go to church because they were perfect, but because they
knew they weren’t’. Enjoy Lent and look forward to Easter next month.

With my Christian love from Barry Turnwell, Church Treasurer and a Property Steward

Christchurch Messenger Website
March 2023

You may know that much of the content of the Christchurch Messenger also ends up on the website - www.christchurchmethodist.org - but not all of it. So it is well worth your while to read the Messenger, but also to keep a watchful eye on the website, which is updated every month.

Over 17,500 visits (hits) are made to the website each year, around 48 each day. There are 18 web pages, and the most popular ones are the Home Page, News & Events, Diary, Contacts, Ninfield, and Christchurch Singers. There is also a link to the Winchelsea Chapel website.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about the website, please let me know.

Mike Stickland
Website designer

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel

March 2023

We have some excellent news – the Rev Graham Thompson, the President of the Methodist Church and Conference, will be visiting the Chapel on Sunday 14th May to lead our 238th Anniversary service at 4pm. Please do book that date and we look forward to seeing a large crowd.

However, before this we will have ‘Reflections for Holy Week’ led by the Rev Jonathan M Todd, MA, who is a Supernumerary Minister based at our St Leonards-on-Sea church. This will be on Wednesday 5th April at 7.30pm, and Holy Communion will also be celebrated. All are most welcome to join with us.

We appreciate the support that we receive from the Parish Church and the local community, and hope to share with them in a United Service quite soon – full details will be issued shortly.

We would still love to enrol a few more ‘Friends’ as this is the main way that we are able to fund the work and witness on the Chapel. The minimum is only £5 per annum (or more if you are able). Just give me a call and I will let you have the details.

Our thanks to all who support the Chapel – this is much appreciated.

Barry Turnwell

Publicity Office