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Stewards Scribblings - February 2023

For some unknown reason I was thinking about how life has changed so much on the domestic front in our lifetimes in the last generation!! I can well remember going to Sainsbury’s (then in Devonshire Road, probably where Savers is now) with my mum, queuing at the cheese counter, then the bacon counter, moving on to buy the eggs at yet another counter, served by men in immaculate white coats and hats. We sat on chairs whilst waiting in the queue, paying at each individual counter.

Green’s in Sackville Road had an intriguing paying system, whereby once we had bought our goods, the money was put in a small container, and a handle pulled, so that the money sped off to an office somewhere and the change re-appeared along the ceiling on a pulley system. Now a visit to a supermarket has everything in one store and we don’t even have to speak to an assistant - it can be put through the self-service tills.

On the home front – bed making and sheet changing has changed dramatically too! No more hospital corners with sheets and blankets, a quick shake of a duvet and a tussle with the cover and it's all done.

So much has become mechanised - the washing machine washes the clothes and bedding etc., the dishwasher cleans the dishes and crockery etc.

But what do we do with all the time that we must be saving?? Do we appreciate the extra ‘me’ time? We should be having so much more time to be doing exciting things and being useful members of the community. When I retired I made a pledge to myself that I would always go to bed at night knowing that I had accomplished something useful each day. Sometimes I do, but often it has been something that I wanted to do, rather than needed to do. Coffee with friends is something I never thought I would do, but it is very much a guilty pleasure, and judging by the amount of cafes in Bexhill I am not the only one.

Whatever you do, whether you feel guilty or not – enjoy!!

Jill Read, Senior Steward

Money & Property Matters – and Barry’s Babblings
February 2023

It was a delight to see the church so beautifully decorated for Christmas and our thanks to all who help to make the celebrations so special. The services were well attended and included the Candle of Hope and an adult nativity with the Carols by Candlelight worship. From donations given, we were also able to make a gift of £220 to the ‘Action for Children’ charity.

Looking back a little further there was a full church for the Christchurch Singers concert and £1167 (including Gift Aid) was raised for CAP (Christians against Poverty). Now we look forward to the summer concert that is planned for June.

The Flower Rota for 2023 is now in the vestibule – if you are able to sponsor a Sunday, please do add your name (around £ 20 per week). For an anniversary, birthday etc this can also be included in the weekly diary notes. Carol or Sue will be pleased to tell you more. Flowers do enhance our worship (as well as being distributed to folk linked with the church) so please do help.

You never know what might happen if you write a letter!! I sent a ‘Straight to the point’ brief letter to the Daily Mail and it was printed on 21st December. It said ‘A poster outside of my local Methodist Church ‘If you leave Christ out of Christmas, all you have left is M & S’. A few days later I received an email from a lady who recognised my name, found my email address (on our church website) and emailed me. She used to stay each year with her family in my parent’s Guest House in Jameson Road, Bexhill in the 1950/60’s! Happy days – and the brochure that I still have says that full board for a week was around 5 guineas!

Keeping the temperature at an acceptable level is never an exact science. We are grateful to Clive who deals with the time clocks to try to keep us all happy. We all know how the fuel costs are rising and at present we have a fixed price contract until the end of March. We will then have to wait and see what increase we have to cover. It may be of interest to mention that for the month of December our fuel costs (gas and electric) totalled £528. (Another monthly charge is for insurance and this totals £253).

The 1066 Wing Chun Bexhill School has met in our hall every Tuesday since June 2019 but sadly have had to cease at our church due to illness and costs. We have been delighted to have them rent our facilities, and the leaders of the School (Neil and Sarah) have made a generous leaving donation to our church funds. We wish them well with their other outlets and, perhaps, we will welcome them back some time in the future.

Next month on 5th March 2023 we will be celebrating our 116th Church Anniversary and our special service will be led by the Rev Crawford Logan. The church was dedicated and opened on 20th March 1907. The main hall was not built and opened until 24th May 1939 (Wesley Day). Over the weekend of our celebration there will be the usual annual Gift Day appeal and envelopes should be in the March issue of The Messenger. There will also be a Gift Day Coffee Morning on Saturday March 4th from 10am – 11.30am please do come along. We are most grateful for all the generous giving at Christchurch – not just financial but in talents and time as well.

February sees the celebration of Valentine’s Day and the Fun and Friendship Social group will be open on that afternoon so please feel free to join with us – maybe there may be a special cake!!

In conclusion, and on behalf of all of us, thank you to all those who plan, prepare, play and lead our worship each Sunday. It really is a team effort and everyone has a part to play. Our thanks particularly to the Stewards, ably led by Jill, who do an excellent job. All please take a bow!!

‘Love is a four-letter word spelled T-I-M-E’. 1 Corinthians 13 is well worth a read – it is all about love in the wonderful words of St Paul.

Barry Turnwell, Church Treasurer and a Property Steward.

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel

February 2023

December saw a special ‘Christmas Carols and reflections’ led by Rev Philip Wagstaff – a very meaningful time and with an encouraging number of folk who joined with us.

The committee is shortly to meet to plan the events for 2023. This should include a united service with the Parish Church, some open days and a Holy Week reflection. Time has been spent to re arrange the various items and photographs and this makes for an interesting view. Event days will be mentioned in the Messenger and do try to go along and support.

The Chapel is an important Methodist heritage site that dates back to 1785. We do also need a few more ‘Friends’ so please do have a word with me if you could help in this way – we even have ‘Friends’ who live in USA and send donations!

Barry Turnwell,

Publicity Officer