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Minister's Letter

Dear Friends

Benvenuto, Welkom, Shalom, Bemvindo, Croeso, Welkomen

Words of many languages offering a Welcome!

It was so encouraging to be contacted by one of our church family who wanted to speak to me about becoming a church member. These days when people are suspicious about any membership, it's always heartwarming when someone comes into our church family, feels at home and asks to become a member. Of course, we recognise the welcome that everyone receives as they enter the doors of a church, just by doing so, we welcome them as part of our church family, but to engage in the commitment of church membership itself shows a level of response to God's call, an outward response to an inward work of grace, and for that we all rejoice!

What really encouraged me about the conversation with regards to membership with this person was how evident the welcome was received, and the feeling of being one with everyone gathered. It really uplifted me, for that is what we all seek to be in the community that we are called to serve, a warm, welcoming open church family. It is fair to say, that, with most groups, birds of a feather flock together, but that should never be so with the church family, we should never just welcome those who are like us, but stretch our arms out to bring those in who are different in tradition, culture, education, status, sexual orientation, age, outlook and so I could go on.

The church family should be as diverse as the wonderful creation of God. It warmed my heart as this potential new member shared how welcome they felt. I want to encourage us all to continue in that welcoming ministry, to keep our eyes peeled for the new person that comes in the door, and to make sure that we go out of our way to greet them and welcome them. In an age of isolation and loneliness, our warmth and welcome are needed now more than ever before.

We are on a mission to seek, and to save those who are lost, to welcome the outcast, to make them our honoured guests and to remind them that in the service of Christ, we never stand alone.

I invite you to make this prayer as you prepare to come to church, a prayer of welcome:

Gracious God

Make the doorway of this church wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship, narrow enough to shut out envy, pride and strife.

Make its threshold smooth enough not to be a stumbling block to children, or barrier to the elderly or disabled.

Let its doors be open and inviting to all who enter here, and its walls resound with the praise and worship of your people.


Thank you for all that you do to make our church such a warm, welcoming place, may God continue to bless your ministry, as we seek to welcome even more into our fellowship,

God bless you!

Rev Crawford Logan

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