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Many readers will know that we had a visit from the Fire Officer some months ago and we were required to make improvements in the area of fire prevention. A full Fire Risk Assessment was obtained and subsequently various improvements were required. Most of this work was undertaken by the Fuzion4 Group, and AB Electrical in particular and they did an excellent job. The total costs to meet all requirements will be approaching £10,000. We are so grateful that it is possible to use some of the legacy monies left to the church by Miss Terry Head to cover this work.

Would leaders of all groups that meet on our premises ensure that they are aware of the siting of fire extinguishers etc and the various alarm points (these will be tested weekly), as well an emergency exits. Should there be a fire, only tackle this with fire extinguishers if it is safe to do so; but the maxim must be ‘If in doubt, get out’. Calling the fire brigade is essential and they will need our postcode – on the front of most of our literature.

Barry Turnwell (Temporary Christchurch Fire Officer)

February 2020

Well, Christmas and the entry into the new decade seem a long time ago. However, I would not wish to miss the opportunity to thank all those who worked so hard so that we could enjoy our worship and celebrations. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and felt that the church looked beautiful with all the decorations. It leaves it rather bare when they are all taken down.

Christian Voices gave us another excellent presentation in December called ‘Finding Hope’ and they will return to give another time of words, music and song on Sunday 3rd May during our service.

Thank you also to all who supported the carol singing at both Orchard House and the Irvine Unit. I did not have to sing a solo (see last month’s Messenger) and both visits were much appreciated by the staff and residents. We continue to visit Orchard House each month (next Monday 10th February at 2.30pm) and the Irvine Unit when there is a fifth Sunday in the month (next Sunday 29th March at 4pm).

It is encouraging that we are receiving more bookings to use our hall and facilities, and this does help our income. It also means that we need to keep our premises neat and tidy – see item about cleaning in this edition.

May I thank you all for your gifts to aid the running of the church and our ministerial and manses’ costs. The treasurers of each of the eleven churches in our circuit do meet and discuss the fairest way to apportion these (and other costs). We are very grateful to you all and there is an added benefit if you are able to Gift Aid your giving (assuming that you are a tax payer).

I would just like to mention a few important dates for your 2020 diaries as I don’t want you to miss them:

Saturday 7th March 6pm Homegrown Concert
Sunday 22nd March 113th Church Anniversary (service led by Rev Roger Leslie)
Tuesday 12th May 7.30pm Annual Church Meeting in our church
23rd – 25th May - 32nd Annual Festival of Flowers

Time to close, as I see that I am due to lead the family Service at Christchurch on 16th February – close to Valentine’s Day so I imagine that ‘Love’ will get a very special mention! Thought for the month ‘Love is a four-letter word spelled T-I-M-E’. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stewards Scribblings - February 2020

By the time you read these notes it will already be February, well into the beginning of another year. As we get older every New Year that comes around is a bonus and we must thank God and ask him to help us use our time usefully throughout the next twelve months.

Whatever our age and abilities we are always given opportunities to be of service to others in practical ways as well as through prayer. Everyone is our neighbour - love and help them all!

Jesus says ”I tell you the truth, when you do something for one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you are doing it to me”.

The December/January period has been noteworthy in many ways. We had another splendid period of Advent/Christmas services in December, followed by the Annual Covenant Service in January when we renewed our commitment to Christ and the Church. As you probably already know we have the Prayer Garden Church worshipping at Christchurch every Sunday between 4 and 6pm. They are a group of committed Anglo Indian Christians, and just prior to Christmas we were invited to a Saturday morning service to celebrate the official opening of their new church at “Bexhill on the Sea!” I noticed that several of the members followed the bible readings on their mobile phones. Also, when I was visited recently by two Jehovah’s Witnesses they used a computer tablet rather than a printed bible. A sign of things to come??

The General Election is behind us and when you are reading this article the UK will have formally left the European Union. We must pray earnestly for all Ministers, Members of Parliament and everyone involved with the government that they may be guided to lead this country with wisdom and courage throughout the next five years. Your prayers are also requested for our own Methodist Circuit and the Leadership Team as the process continues towards the appointment of a Superintendent Minister for September 2020 (see article later in newsletter). There is also an urgent need for new Circuit Stewards to be in place at the same time.

Another matter for your prayerful consideration is” The Report of the Marriage and Relationship Task Force Group 2019”.There are several copies of this report circulating in the church, together with study guides which are less voluminous and provide a useful6summary of the matters discussed. Please contact one of the Stewards if you wish to borrow a copy. This is a serious topic for all church members to consider as it explores the possibility of changing the definition of marriage within the Methodist Church. Tricia will be arranging a meeting in March when members will be given the opportunity of expressing their views.

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