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Minister's Letter

Dear Friends

Our journey through Lent towards the celebrations of Easter has been very different to what we had imagined. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought dramatic and previously unexperienced changes to our lives. Never before have we had to close our churches for worship and all of the other activities that we usually enjoy. But while the churches have had to close, let us remember that the Church as the Body of Christ is alive and well, it’s just that we are having to be Church in a different way and to discover new ways to worship.

When we are living with restrictions on our social activities it is good to be able to get outside if we are able to do so. At this time of year those of us who enjoying gardening will be undertaking the various jobs that need to be done – mowing the lawn, tidying the flowerbeds and making preparations for sowing flower and vegetable seeds.

I found a helpful comment from Margaret Silf about planting seeds in my daily readings that I would like to share with you. She says, ‘The simple act of sowing a seed is an act of faith. We drop a tiny speck of potential life into the cold earth, cover it up and let it disappear out of sight, and perhaps out of mind. The results may well surprise us as unexpected shoots and flowers emerge from that same cold earth a few months later.

On the cross Jesus gave up his life like a seed that was buried in the ground. Three days later Jesus rose again to give new life to the world. The women who went to the garden to look at the tomb were amazed to find the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty. As they wondered what this could mean the angels declared: “He is not here, He has risen!” Then they hurried off to share this joyful news with the disciples and many others. In the Easter garden a door is opened to eternal life for all who will accept Jesus and follow his way of life.

For over 2000 years the message of new life that began in the garden has been passed on from one person to another and many have discovered for themselves the forgiveness of sins, the joy and the hope that the Risen Christ gives to us all.

Although we may not be able to gather3 physically to celebrate Easter this year, let us remember that the Risen Lord is with us in all we do.

May the joy and hope of the Risen Lord be with us all.

Easter Blessings to you all,

Rev Tricia Williams
Superintendent Minister

The Methodist Church website says that Wesley’s Chapel in London will continue to live-stream worship, adapted for no physical congregation. Service times are Wednesday 12:45,  Thursday 12:45, Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.   All these services will be available at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAUqhmhevz5sqhh72LIMxA
Here is a prayer written by the President of the Conference
for us to use at this time:

God of all hope we call on you today.
We pray for those who are living in fear:
Fear of illness, fear for loved ones, fear of other’s reactions to them.
May your Spirit give us a sense of calmness and peace.

We pray for your church in this time of uncertainty.
For those people who are worried about attending worship.
For those needing to make decisions in order to care for others.
For those who will feel more isolated by not being able to attend.
Grant us your wisdom.
 Holy God, we remember that you have promised that Nothing will separate us from your love – demonstrated to us in Jesus Christ.   Help us turn our eyes, hearts and minds to you. Amen


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