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Minister's Letter

Minister’s Letter – October 2018 
Dear Friends 
Lately it sees that when I set out on a journey in the car it is not long before I encounter temporary traffic lights or diversion signs as road works are in progress. The on-going programme of road repairs and improvements can be a great inconvenience causing delay to our journeys or requiring us to make a detour. We know that well maintained roads enable us to travel more easily from one place to another and so we accept that the repairs, though inconvenient, are necessary. 
Roads, motorways and pathways are all means of getting somewhere. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a highway called the way of holiness, and in it the traveller would not get lost. In the Old Testament, walking in the ways of the Lord means obeying his laws. The shepherd, in the great Psalm of David, guides his sheep along ‘the right path’. And in another Psalm, God’s law is the ‘light for our path.’ Everyone knew how essential it was to keep to the path and not wander off into the dangerous areas of precipice or pit. 
In time the word ‘way’ also came to mean a course of action, a pathway in the sense of a route to a chosen destination. It can also be used in a more abstract way, as a way of thinking, a pathway in the sense of an approach to things or a way through them. 
In the days of the Early Church ‘the Way’ was an expression used to describe the first Christians. They were ‘followers of the way’ (eg Acts 9.2 &19.9), people who had chosen to commit to a way of life that was marked by faith in Jesus. 
When we make a decision to follow Jesus we step out in faith on a journey that can be exciting and full of adventure. But it is also unpredictable as we do not know where Jesus will lead us or how things will work out for us. Sometimes this can deter us from making that commitment. We do not know – and cannot know the details of the journey that lies ahead of us. But we can and do know who is leading the way and who is our companion and guide on the journey. Jesus said, ‘I am the way …’ He also assures us of his presence, ‘And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ 
Every blessing to you 

Focus for Prayer – October 2018 
“Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.” Philippians 4 vs 6 
* We pray for people living in areas of the world affected by natural disasters who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods homes in recent months. Give thanks for the work of the aid agencies as they minister to those in need and pray that the supplies of food, medicines and other materials may reach all in need and enable them to know that others care for them. 
* Give thanks for the commitment to mission that is at the heart of our Circuit. Pray for all the activities that go on week by week that enable us to share God’s love and care with others. 
* Across the Circuit we will be exploring a different Holy Habit each month and this month it is ‘Sharing Resources’. Pray that as learn more of each Holy Habit and how we may live it out in daily life we may all learn and grow as disciples of Jesus. 
* During this month the profiles for circuits that will have a vacancy for September 2019 and those of the ministers seeking new appointments will be distributed. Please pray for all who are involved in the stationing process and especially the Circuit Stewards making arrangements to appoint a new minister for the St Leonards, Battle and Trinity Churches to replace Revd Peggy Heim who will be retiring next year. 
* Give thanks to God for the opportunity that Messy Church gives us to reach out to children and families and pray for the Messy Church sessions taking place this month. 
* Pray for Revd Ian Pruden and his wife Lis and other members of our Church community and families who are unwell or going through difficult times. May they may know God’s comfort and strength and know that they are held in our love and prayers. 
If you have any concerns that you would like to be included in next months prayer focus, please contact Revd Tricia Williams.

Pastoral Prayers

Please pray for the following during the coming month :-

Barry Turnwell - Pastoral Visitor

Hazel & Derek Abraham, Yvonne Elliott, Paul Lendon & Libby Powell, Clive Loader, Joanne & Michelle Loader, Pam Malpass, Geoff Morey, Keith & Sheila Richardson, Peter & Lillian Watson, David & Maryse Webber.

We have been asked during our service since our last Newsletter to pary for others in our Church family so I would like to mention the following: - Pat Hennessy, who lost her brother-in-law, Terry, Moreen Hancock, Barry Turnwell, Claire Coneley, Sue Domm, Ron Skipworth David Wall and Ian Pruden. They are all coping with health issues at the moment and are in need of our prayers.

Blessings to you all.

Virginia Cole
Pastoral Secretary

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